Ecully – France, Monday 4th April 2022. Almost 6 years after CENTUM Electronics Ltd became a shareholder of the French holding company ADETEL Group, CENTUM is affirming its strategy of global presence through its entities grouped under the banner “CENTUM T&S”, Technologies & Solutions.
CENTUM T&S is a major player in the aeronautics, space, automotive and rail transport, defense, medical, industrial, energy and telecoms markets, with strong positions in Asia, Europe and North America.
“This evolution towards a uniformity of the names of the structures is an important step for the companies of the CENTUM group; for our employees, our customers, our historical partners. This decision is in line with the group’s development plan and marketing strategy,” says Apparao Mallavarapu, CENTUM’s Chairman and CEO, “We will gain visibility and I am confident and sure of this choice.”
“We have proceeded step by step since CENTUM’s entry into the capital and we have gone through some turbulent periods due to current events in recent years. Despite this context, the CENTUM group is more than ever a major player in the electronics sector in the industrial markets and must project a dynamic image of a fast-growing company; this change of name is the logical continuation of our history”, explains Eric ROUCHOUZE, President of CENTUM T&S.
The CENTUM group is a key actor in its environment, with a turnover of around 130M$ and 2,000 employees, and has a number of important assets: * A strong commercial presence on three continents: Europe, North America and Asia
* High-performance design centers close to its customers
* And a cost-optimized industrial network This enables it to aim for rapid development of high technological value projects with its customers.


CENTUM ELECTRONICS was founded in 1994 by Apparao Mallavarapu in Bangalore, India. It has grown rapidly into a specialist electronics company operating in various industries and offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. 80% of CENTUM’s turnover is generated internationally. The company is continuously investing to expand its design capabilities and product portfolio and to build a high-tech manufacturing facility in Bangalore.
One of the key elements of CENTUM’s growth is the close relationship with its international customers that has enabled it to establish its place in the global markets. This customer focus coupled with the core values of “Technology – Teamwork – Trust” make CENTUM a successful company offering high quality products and services and excellent delivery capability.
CENTUM is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India and currently employs around 2,000 people with a turnover of approximately 130M$.

ABOUT CENTUM T&SCENTUM T&S -headquartered in Ecully, Metropolitan Lyon, France- has 500 engineers and gross sales of 58M€ forecasted for 2022/2023. It specializes in the design and production of critical electronic systems for control and command, power electronics and energy storage applications in the rail, aeronautics, defense/security and medical sectors.

Press release link : 2022-04-04_PR CENTUM ADENEO BECOMES CENTUM T&S

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