Mechanical Engineering

To bring an efficient, high reliability electronic product to the market, it is crucial that the electronics “is put in the right box”. Our experienced team of mechanical engineers is engaged right from the beginning of every design project to ensure that the appropriate materials are chosen and the product is resistant to the environmental conditions specific to the application such as extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations and shocks. In addition, our engineers work closely with the electronic designers and carry out analysis such as thermal management, EMC protection, signal and wire handling taking into account high current, voltage, frequency, acoustics etc… to ensure that the performance of the product is not degraded as a result of the packaging. Of course, it is important to ensure the products are in compliance with safety regulations and standards and are easily manufacturable anywhere in the world.


  • To be able to launch a new breakthrough innovation product, our customer needed to have injected plastic components in less than 2 months. To achieve this, our team went through a comprehensive simulation and analysis before launch the final mold directly with a supplier in Asia. The thorough work of our engineers along with a local project leader in Asia who tracked the progress very closely enabled us to deliver the product on time.


  • As part of a project to design a payment terminal, our engineers designed a mould with interchangeable cavities to manufacture 8 different versions of the mechanical housing for different configurations of the product transportation. This resulted in significant saving of Non-recurring cost for this product.


  • By using an Innovative thermoplastic Material with high smoke & fire performance, we reduced the weight of an energy storage roof cabinet by 30%, allowing for a new application in urban public transportation systems.


  • For a customer in the medical market, we developed an industrial solution to guarantee an electromagnetic protection and a waterproof housing for a safety critical medical device.

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