Verify & Validate

Before shipping products all over the world, customers must validate that they are complaints with the specifications, particular requirements of the end user or different regulations in the targeted countries.

Verifying and validating these products must be done as early as possible, by a dedicated team.

Our team helps customers by tracking all compliance data, analyzing the critical non-compliances, working along with the design team to help define what must be done to fix the problem and finally, demonstrating that the required compliance has been achieved.

Our involvement can be at each stage of the life of a product: initial design, early stage evolution, and successive evolutions if necessary.


  • For a European customer designing monitoring software for a high complexity military airplane engine, we built a full V&V solution with a team of up to 30 people checking every safety design step.


  • Our customer wanted to introduce a new concept with high voltage underground in the city. We helped prepare all the qualification data to produce the application to the safety authority to authorize the implementation of this breakthrough innovation; V&V was the crucial part of the safety proof with an automated test bench that tested all the possible combinations thousand times with no error.


  • A customer developing an IOT medical device was looking for an efficient solution to test its product during manufacturing, including diagnosis functionality for repair purpose. We helped by providing our customized testing solution.


  • For a customer with whom we worked on an innovative solution with photovoltaic energy plan and overnight battery storage, we also used our simulation tools to validate the concept in a faster time frame and test new algorithms for an optimized architecture with fewer batteries.


  • For an automotive diesel engine manufacturer, we proposed a global service with Hardware in the Loop tools and a dedicated team with a high maturity level to validate a newly patented technology prior to the introduction of the technology.

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