Embedded Software

Embedded systems are where the software meets the physical world. As we put tiny computers into all sorts of systems (door locks, airplanes, pacemakers), how we implement the software is truly, terrifyingly important. Quote from Elecia White, Author of Making Embedded Systems. Writing software for these products can be quite difficult because the systems have so few resources.


  • As part of a Defense application, for which we built the whole control-command with high-performance requirements, we developed and employed a strategy of formalization of regulation law. We used Registered modeling and automatic transformation in embedded safety code allowing system regulation law to be confidential.


  • For a military airplane, the cockpit visualization data communication system was obsolete; we used for the first time a standard Telecom protocol allowing a drastic reduction of both development and recurrent cost for our customer.


  • For a parking payment terminal, we used both our standard BSP and conceptual modular blocks to fulfill a strong TTM commitment to show their innovative concept to end-users.


  • For a safety critical railway embedded control unit, thanks to our Texas Instruments Premier design house label, we proposed a full solution with the Hercules processor embedding safety mechanisms to attain the required SIL 2 level with low development cost and short time schedule.


  • For a medical device company, we introduced a health monitoring function that brought data to the customer, enabling real-time status updates from their product fleet.

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