Manufacturing Services

At Centum, we offer a wide range of manufacturing solutions focused on a High mix, High Complexity products in high technology segment. These ranges from Printed Circuit Board assemblies to Complex box builds, LRU’s and full system integration. We help customers realize challenging products by having customer-focused teams that leverage our streamlined processes and systems and adapt them to the specific requirements of the customer and product where necessary.

By providing scalable manufacturing solutions and a flexible, proactive approach to managing the supply chain and lifecycle related challenges, we help customers achieve their goals of lower Total Cost of Ownership and reduced time-to-market among others.

Our customers operate in highly regulated markets and environments where quality and reliability is of paramount importance. Kaizen and Six Sigma lean manufacturing are an integral part of the culture at Centum and are used to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence in our processes to deliver high-quality products to our customers. We have certifications in the specific industries we operate in as well as Environmental certifications, ESD, Occupational Health and safety certifications.

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