Rf & Microwave

RF & Microwave is considered a core technology competency required to design products across various industry segments. The design challenges vary with the end application as well as with frequency range. As the RF/microwave landscape is shifting towards more integrated assemblies, or super-components, our engineers remain well versed with the latest technology available and incorporate it into their designs.

Our engineers are experienced in designing and integrating everything from amplifiers, attenuators, switches, oscillators, synthesizers, filters, couplers, mixers and more, into one cohesive module complete with digital microcontroller circuitry.


  • For an IFF system we developed and manufactured a 4KW Solid State Power Amplifier in a very compact form factor while also factoring in thermal constraints when designing the mechanical chassis. This product was manufactured and tested for an onboard radar application.


  • For a customer developing Software-Defined-Radios (SDR) for military communications, we developed a core component that was critical to the performance of the complete system. This was a digitally tunable frequency-hopping RF filter. We were able to successfully qualify and manufacture this product in a short time frame.


  • For a telecom customer, we established a dedicated diagnosis and repair services solution for several RF & Microwave subsystems of their base station equipment. Our engineers are trained to debug complex failures in the products, perform repairs, validate the performance to the specification and ship it back to the required locations with quick turnaround times.

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