Space technology is progressing at rapid pace with commercial applications such as satellite broadcasting, communication, Earth observation, geo-location, and global navigation equipment and services increasingly becoming common place.

Centum has established a credible space history with products that have been onboard satellites since 2002. Our product portfolio has evolved rapidly over the years to address applications in launch vehicles, satellite payloads, satellite bus systems as well as ground equipment. The unique infrastructure at Centum, which includes microelectronics manufacturing, along with a skilled and experienced design engineers and technicians makes Centum a strong partner in space technology.



SATELLITE BUS SYSTEMS – Modules for Controls, Sensors, Telemetry, Remote control, Data Handling, Power, Sensors and Sensor Electronics subsystems for Remote Sensing, Geo-stationary, Navigational, Meteorological and scientific mission satellites.

TEST TOOLS – Development of test tools for certification, design qualification, manufacturing test, repair- diagnosis. Our experienced & highly skilled team is competent to develop the most complex test benches with the relevant software.


POWER MANAGEMENT – We offer Design, Development & manufacturing of Embedded Power Converters for Aerospace & Defense markets Segment which demand compact, reliable & cost effective solutions without compromising the functionality of energy switching, EMC, monitoring & thermal management.

LRU & DATA RECORDERS – LRU & Data Recorders: Redesign, Value Engineering, manufacturing & Complex Testing. Our engineering & manufacturing teams can build & test very complex LRU’s, Rack systems running into 1000’s of work instructions and multiple levels of testing.

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