World class manufacturing services hinge on state of the art facilities and a truly competent professional team. Centum manufacturing facilities are located in Bangalore, with a total of 350,000 sq. ft of production area. Over the years, we have developed and invested in many new processes and capabilities to meet the most complex and critical requirements of our customer.

At Centum, we have automated IT tools and technologies to manage the complete shop floor system with product traceability back to each phase of the manufacturing process. We provide a full range of test solutions be it to board level or complete system. We identify and implement the most suitable test strategy to deliver a fully working, quality product. We execute tests at several points in the electronics hardware manufacturing flow such as In-Circuit, Boundary scan, JTAG & continuity tests. A dedicated team is capable of developing fully Automated Test Equipment (ATE) based on modular & general purpose equipment for testing the complete functionality of a fully assembled product.

Fuji-Nxt – Multiple SMT Lines including both Single and Double Sided Selective Wave
IPC 610 Class 2 & 3 Assembly Quartz Crystal Processing
Clean & No-Clean Process Thick / Thin Film Microelectronics
PBGA (PITCH BALL GRID ARRAY) and FBGA (FINE BALL GRADE ARRAY) to 0.5mm High Melting Point Solder
Chip-on-Board / Wire Bond / Chip on chip HMLV (high-mix low-medium-volume) PCB Assembly
Through Hole & SMT Mixed Complete end product assembly
Through Hole to SMT Conversion Avionics LRU assembly
Leadless Chip Overflow Assembly
Fine Pitch (0201 & 01005) Box Build / Final Assembly / System Integration
Multi-Chip Modules In-Circuit & Functional Testing
Conformal Coating- Automated and manual BGA Rework
Automated cleaning solutions Hotplate soldering
Potting Track cutting & Additive pad fixing
Hot Plate Soldering Flex Rigid PCB Assembly & Test
RF & Microwave – Assembly & Test
In circuit Test – HP & Teradyne BGA Rework Stations
Flying Probe Tester (Takaya) Environmental Stress & Screening (ESS) – Active & Passive
2D&3D Automatic XRAY Inspection Functional Test Design, Development, Management
Automatic Optical Inspection Diagnostic Test
Automatic Solder paste inspection Firmware & System Test
Synod & DITMICO cable test Calibration
Multiple JTAG test systems NI & Key sight ATE
Boundary Scan Reverse engineering
High Voltage & Insulation Testing
He / FC Bombing Liquid Thermal Shock
Internal / External Visual Inspection Thermal Humidity Bias Test
Fine & Gross Leak Testers Burn in Chambers
Temperature Cycling (-65 to 200 deg C) 3.5 Ton Vibration
Constant Acceleration Thermal Vacuum Chamber
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