Electronic Equipment Design

Electronic equipment is becoming increasingly complex as new functionality and rapid performance enhancements are driving product innovation in various industries. Developing such products needs specialists who can deliver the optimal solution while considering the specified constraints such as weight, volume, compliance with safety regulations, cost and so on.

Our Engineers have significant experience designing high-quality products for our international customers. Their multidisciplinary knowledge in hardware, software, packaging, industrialization as well as deep domain expertise with the ability to design to meet industry’s specific standards such DO, MIL, SIL etc. have been demonstrated with each project we have delivered.

Some of the core functionalities in equipment we have designed are motor control, optics, sensor, actuators, MMI, communication system, energy conversion, and storage. The case studies below are specific examples of projects we have worked on and delivered value to customers.


  • A strategic customer partnered with us to codesign an embedded data concentrator with high safety standards. We employed a modular design strategy through hierarchical schematics and FPGA design. We successfully met the timeline of our customer which was critical to the success of the project.


  • We were contacted by a customer working on optical fiber used as light guide in an industrial environment to help with developing a signaling solution for the railway market. Our engineers helped this company translate their technology into a product that fulfilled all the requirements while keeping their IP secure. We also went on to support their serial production needs.


  • By using an original architecture with low cost and classical components, we designed a medical device with very high safety requirements for a product, achieving a cost efficient solution.


  • A customer in the domain of acoustics needed to design a new sensor using more than 100 MEMS microphones to have a real time 3D experience where the audio was synchronized with a video to localize noise sources and to make the demonstration in an exhibition less than 5 months. This was a unique and challenging project but we succeed in developing an efficient solution!

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