While India continues to struggle with the second wave of COVID-19, we at Centum have decided to take actions in order to support indian population up to what we are able to do.


Few Days Ago, Centum Group strated to help Indian Hospitals with oxygen supply, and more particularly the Apollo Hospital.

The report of shortage in oxygen supply continues to stream in. During this complicated situation, Centum pitched in to help the already stressed health care system by supplying oxygen to the hospitals in Yelahanka, Bangalore. We are glad that we could support those who are battling through life during this pandemic.



Recently, we also allowed all of our staff in Bangalore to get vaccinated, and we are happy to see that everyone was able to get vaccinated without any logistical issues. Of 1,200 staff members vaccinated, nearly 900 are young people between 18 and 45. As always, we believe the safety and health of Centum employees are of prime importance.

This vaccination campaign has become possible by decision of our chairman, Apparao Mallavarapu, and once again proves the Centum Group’s “Teamwork Technology Trust” mantra.




For more information : communication@centumadeneo.com


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