Today we have decided to highlight a Centum Adeneo‘s success story, told by Caroline Catel, Software BU Director.
Solaari has designed laser swords for martial arts adepts so as for fans of a well known saga. These connected swords, dedicated to a sporting use, can change the color of the beam & provide various sound effects according to the movements.

Solaari relied on Centum Adeneo for real-time embedded software dev. to ensure hyper-reactivity between the movement of the sword & sound effects emitted by the speaker integrated in the pommel.Based on data provided by a gyrometer/accelerometer, signal processing algorithms have been developed & integrated into the onboard application to image the motion through the emitted sound. Sound environment thus allows to “acoustically visualize” the attack and parry movements, soft & hard shocks…

Low-latency audio communication via Bluetooth allows these effects to be fully enjoyed by broadcasting them over a remote speaker or headset, so that spectators at the fight can also enjoy them.
Various sound configurations are accessible through a Low Energy Bluetooth com., so as configuration of sword blade colours, via an iOS/Android app.
Needless to say that integration test campaigns never lacked volunteers !


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