Test Bench

As part of our comprehensive offer to customers, we also develop test systems of varying levels of complexity to verify the integrity of their products to the performance, quality and reliability specifications.

These are used in different stages of product life cycles as well and are developed for the followed objectives among others:

  • To improve product maturity & reliability during design phase.

  • To ensure product verification & validation, its qualification.

  • To organize dedicated measurement campaigns.

  • To simplify full integration of a system by simulating degraded modes and unexpected event behavior.

  • To allow a complete production test before delivery, including functional testing of equipment.

  • To help for an efficient diagnosis during lifetime through activities.

Our test team is skilled in analog and digital electronics, measurement engineering, software, modeling, complex project management with hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, motors and take on new challenges all the time.

Customer’s experience

  • For an automotive customer, we designed a test bench family, from the board to the complete equipment, including manufacturing and qualification tools, all of them with the same interface, same software and same test data base, allowing an immediate complete traceability of all the manufacturing and test processes.

  • For an aerospace customer needing to do an aircraft engine certification in Russia, we designed in a very short time, a huge mobile bench (on 3 trucks) compliant with harsh environments, taking into account security aspects with regard to data, confidentiality and the equipment itself.

  • A customer developing an IOT medical device was looking for an efficient solution to test its product during manufacturing, including diagnosis functionality for repair purpose. We helped by providing our testing solution customized to their needs.

  • In the railway segment there is a lot of market specific requirements requiring different software configurations for each of them. Our simulator architecture allows switching from one application to another in less than 5’ allowing our customer to reduce cost of ownership on those programs that usually last 15 to 30 years.

  • To ensure huge & complex dynamic measurement of new engine aircraft, we proposed an exceptional solution that included hardware and software for acquisition and data analysis from embedded and rotating sensors. By digitizing the information as close as possible to the sensor, we reduced the cost of wiring while improving the signal quality.