With an increasing amount of electronics in a multitude of applications, the need for power electronics that are highly efficient, lighter and small in size is becoming more and more important. Our global design teams have specialized knowledge and experience designing power products for a variety of applications from satellites, railways, industrial equipment among others. This include, power converters, energy storage systems and control systems.

Customer’s experience

  • For a metro application, using our modular approach and power simulator, we developed in less than 6 month a battery charger to provide a qualified solution in a very short schedule for a late discovered obsolescence.

  • For a customer making a new concept of small tramway and looking for a low cost battery charger, we brought an up-to-date technology coming from our R&D.

  • For an organization linked to a research Lab, we validated and demonstrated the value of a new idea of a research engineer for an industrial application, and worked to integrate the technology in the industry.

  • For an aerospace company looking for a disruptive approach to develop a lightweight power converter, we brought a new technology adapted from the Telecom market to fit the needs of the customer.